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  • Rise Me Up - Beras Kencur
  • Javalicious - Asam Jawa
  • Free Flow - Wedang Uwuh
  • D'sire - Wedang Jahe

Jamu is a traditional medicine in Indonesia. Most recipes are from tens or even hundreds years and continue to use inherited until now.


Nowadays, Jamu, sometimes refer as herbal drink, is made from natural ingredients, such as plant parts Rhizome (root-tubers), leaves, bark and stems and fruit without using the chemical as an additive (supplementary material).


The culture of drinking jamu now is almost lost in the thrash era of modernization, especially among young people because of the Jamu better known as elderly people drinks.


Ja'He present to popularize back Jamu especially among young people, by improve the quality of the materials, modern and practical packaging, and with the excelent taste for young people without reducing the quality of Jamu itself.


Let's Restore, Revitalize and Rebalance your life with Ja'He.

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